Sri Anandamayee Ma biography

Ma was born April 30, 1896  in the village of Kheora in Tipperah (Bangladesh) under the name of Nirmala Sundari Devi.

At the age of thirteen she was given in marriage to the brahmin Sri Ramani Mohan Chakravarty, known as Bolanath (one of the names of Lord Shiva).

The marriage between the two was never physically consummated.

Bolanath not only accepted the choice of chastity of the young wife, but was also his first disciple.

In fact Nirmala Sundari had no teacher, and as a very young girl she began to manifest her special divine nature and her spiritual attitudes.

On the night of August 3, 1922 Anandamayee Ma had her self-initiation.

The first public appearance of the young woman was in 1925, during Kali Puja, a religious celebration in honor of the Bengal black Goddess: during the celebration the traits of the young religious turned themselves until they resembled the face of Kali.

The name Anandamayee Ma, that means Joy Permeated Mother, was given to Nirmala Sundari Devi. The mother is also revered as  Mataji and Sri.

Around her over 20 Ashrams were formed, places of pilgrimage by the faithful from all over the world.

On August 27, 1982 Joy Permeated Mother left her body.